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Welcome to I Just Need Money. The main purpose of this site is to help you get money you deserve.

We are looking for that perfect money maker. You know the one that doesn't cost anything to get started, or at least very little. A program that works. We also find and locate ways that can
make money the legal way and without any hype. Nothing bothers me more than a way that claims to make money but is just another way for someone to fool you into giving them your hard earned money. So listen up!

Does this sound like you ? Well it's happened to us here.
We are tired of bogus programs and schemes that just do not work, or if they do it's illegal. We have tried a few programs that offer you your money back etc, b.s. etc. The last one we tried sounded good real good. Bought it for $9.95 and the end result was I lost $9.95 money back my foot! I sent the person an email with no response, but I am getting emails daily from this person in advertising only. The product was to suppose to show you how to make money, It said it was all you need. It only showed how to to place your ads on the Internet etc. It had no substance, the reason I emailed the owner of the product. Here is how it worked you pay the $9.95 to get an instant download, but wait after you paid for that another screen popped up now letting you know that, well, there is another download you should buy and yet another. I knew I was had after the first one.

Folks this is why you are here. You will not need to try the programs yourself the hard way, like I do.
I have yet to see one that works. If you have one that works you will need to email us here at IJM to see if you can prove it works. I am not spending a penny on the program. The program must meet these guidelines: It must be free to put together or for a very small fee. It must be easy and not complicated. With this program you should be able to walk up to a homeless person with a computer, (example only), and be able to make them money. No trick ads or come ons. It must be on the level, the truth and honest dealings. I dont want to see anything else in this adventure. It must also make me money too. so it needs to be something a person can make either one level or more of income. I would like to see a program that works on its own once you set it up somehow. Wow that is a challenge!
Go to my contacts and contact me by email if you think you have something. If you do I will publish it here on this site for all to see and you will make money as well. As for my loyal subjects who have signed up with this site, will be the first to know when one comes available.

Other Info:
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